WIP Nabooru to show everyone that I’m working on things. I was out of town for a bit, so it’s nice to be home and doodling again. 

08.17.14 @ 22:382

My Loki Hot Toys from Thor the Dark World came today to match the Thor I got a week or two ago. His sculpt is better than the initial photos, which I’m glad for, but I’m bumming because the Aether didn’t come with him. (Which I didn’t really understand why he would have the Aether, but eh) Apparently the Aether was special limited edition, to which I was unaware. Still nice though. :) sorry, I’m done spamming the geeky things I collect now.

08.15.14 @ 00:0514

for pghsketchbet for “Work it Wednesday” where we have a challenge from another group member. I got zeektheass ‘s original creatures “Aerden” from his Tides of War. 

08.07.14 @ 00:3712

a very quickly scribbled Ronan the Accuser for pghsketchbet

08.06.14 @ 00:1923

Misery Monday in pghsketchbet, so I drew a cyborg lady, because I don’t draw a lot of sci fi stuff. 

08.04.14 @ 23:596

this was also for pghsketchbet, a 15 minute market sketch of a cute Rocket Raccoon I did yesterday evening. 

08.03.14 @ 23:428

pghsketchbet sketch from a photo that I elaborated on. 

08.03.14 @ 23:299

For pghsketchbet. It’s CHALLENGE DAY! Draw a pinup, female or male. welp. Guess who just saw Guardians of the Galaxy and had to draw Peter Quill/Star-Lord ASAP? This artist, right here.
I’m not even sorry. tagging for mild spoilerness. :3 

08.01.14 @ 20:3074

I called it. Guardians of the Galaxy art is filtering into the pipeline of things I’m going to draw in the near future. Because DAMN was that a good movie and such a breath of fresh air.

I AM GROSS SOBBING. My Hot Toys Thor (from TDW) came today and I can’t decide how to display him. Casual Poncho or full cape? The details are insane. And he came with bifrost burns to stand on!

Merry Christmas to me. I feel like a giddy 5 year old. I also feel bad for people I snap chat with, I’ve spammed the entire opening of the box to them. 

Now to make room in the display case with my Avengers Thor and Loki. I just checked and Loki from TDW is coming next week. :3

07.29.14 @ 21:0822

sorry I’ve been kinda off and on around here. very busy with work and have a lot going on in my family life. Positive vibes are seriously needed!  I’m still in the PGHSketchbet, and trying to share when I feel they’re up to par over here.

taking a mini fandom break because I’m really stumped on ideas there. sorry! I’m hoping after a little break, I’ll come up with something again. <3 I doooo want to do some Thor drawings and maybe some Cap after seeing all the Age of Ultron stuff! And of course, I’m anticipating a need to draw Chris Pratt as Starlord after seeing Guardians this week. 

I mmiight be opening commissions this August, so stay tuned for that. :3

Also, I’ve hit over 800 followers. so YAY! thank you, thank you everyone. If I ever make it to 900 or a 1000, I might try to do another give away like last time. 

Take care of yourself, everyone! I hope everyone is doing ok out there! <3

pghsketchbet, draw yourself as a bender from Avatar challenge. This is my second drawing for this, since the first time I drew for this challenge, I had some personal stuff preventing me from really doing a more cohesive drawing. I love tornadoes, so air bender I would be. I tried to make the tattoo more windy, like a tornado. 

07.28.14 @ 00:0810

pghsketchbet day 3. BLAH. 

07.13.14 @ 23:128