pghsketchbet day 3. BLAH. 

07.13.14 @ 23:127

day 2 of pghsketchbet . was trying to do a quick paint of feytaline-loves cat, Booboo. I put a good 45 minutes into this before exhaustion caught up with me from working all day. Might try again on this later! 

07.13.14 @ 00:266


Friendly Reminder that these are not sources
None of the -booru imageboards
Facebook (unless the artist uploaded it there him/herself)
Baidu (almost all fanarts on Baidu are stolen from pixiv)
Repost on tumblr
Google Images
Artist’s watermarks
“not mine”
“credit to whoever drew this”
“source unknown”
"credit to creator/artist"
Something along the lines of saying it’s not yours
Things you should never do
Edit art
Steal art
Crop out/remove the artist’s watermark/signature
Sourcing yourself when you did not create it
Putting your watermark, signature, etc. on it when you did not create it
Posting without a source

07.12.14 @ 15:596935

pghsketchbet is back up again for 3 months (Pittsburgh Area Sketchbet run with friends!) we opened on a challenge Friday “Draw Yourself as a Fighting Game character”  I saw some fab corsets go by on here, so I figured I would wear something snazzy like that. Kinda Soul Calibur Influenced.  I can hear Ivy’s “There, are you satisfied now?” in the distance. 

07.12.14 @ 00:4826

~   Ancient Tumblr proverb (via moonjongups)
So, I’m fussing with finally making cohesive costumes for my original characters that are not a clusterfuck or mess, AND going to try and finally get this original tarot deck that I’ve been working on since the dawn of time back up and going. I keep putting it off and I took a break from it for a bit, but I want to sketch out new character sheets that are not everything and the kitchen sink, and then proceed with laying out each card. So first things first, Sadira and Tobias get a makeover! And lol, take a look at sadira’s costumes throughout the ages. the 2008 version in the right corner is so awful. 
 I’ve always wanted to illustrate my own deck and have that  version also tell a story. here’s hoping I stick with it. I have most of the suit of swords sketched out from yesteryear. 

07.08.14 @ 01:449

just playing with a doodle from a sketchbook for a crazy sequin dress. 

07.06.14 @ 23:1911

Toddler Loki in #4 from the color palette meme for @ackiepie I can’t draw small children. true story.

07.04.14 @ 00:336

Lady Sif in #14 from the color palette meme for pleasepleasepleaseme .also thanks so much! <3

07.04.14 @ 00:0518

I’ve got it sweet, I’ve got it grimNever imagined this space I’m inFor endless days I am no wiser than I was beforeYou’ll never know what’s inside of meNeither will I if I try to beDon’t want to be left vacant…

06.30.14 @ 22:27136

well, d’awww. 
I wish this wasn’t anon so I could thank whoever submitted this! I’ve been super busy with work and life, so checking tumblr has been last on my list, and I’m very lucky to have people who enjoy my art when I can make it. THANK YOU! <3

06.18.14 @ 23:5911

Another Loki in # 3 from the color palette meme for imaginariumofbella . with some crazy prison hair. 

06.10.14 @ 22:0121

Natasha for robots-in-relationships in #8 for the color palette meme. Hope you don’t mind, I already did 7, so I slid you over to 8. sorrrrrrry.

06.10.14 @ 21:0717